MIMM – It’s The Holiday Season

MIMM – It’s The Holiday Season

Happy Monday & MIMM People! Hope you all had an amazing weekend. Mine was very nice and rather festive. Here’s a little highlight from the weekend…

Marvelous is…

IMG_2625 IMG_2624

Family Day at the Cassidy’s. Grandma and Grandpa came over and we played, had dinner and did some Christmas crafts.

Marvelous is…


This little guy…he’s been with us now for a week and we couldn’t be happier. People may say that it’s not the “right” time for a puppy but we couldn’t disagree more, now is the best time. Keely and Hank will be best buds growing up and I think that’s fantastic. We are happy that we were able to give little Hanker a nice warm home this Holiday season.

Marvelous is…


Seeing Santa!

Marvelous is…


An awesome quote for Monday! I love my friends with all my heart!! ❤

Have an amazing Monday & week and see you tomorrow for an update about having a new puppy with a toddler. Cheers!! XOXO


3 thoughts on “MIMM – It’s The Holiday Season

  1. We had so much fun on Friday! Another tradition to start…Christmas Craft Night..:-) How cute is Mr. Hank, love the picture! and of course last but not least, keekee dee….is she not the cutest!!

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