The Puppy, part 1

The Puppy, part 1

Hey World! Happy Tuesday to ya’ll and 8 more days till Santa’s visit…YAY! So people have been asking me a lot about the new puppy we recently adopted. It’s been anything from why now to how’s he adjusting or should I say we’re adjusting. Well, let’s take it back a little to the reason we adopted puppy with everything else going on in our lives.

When Bob and I first started talking about getting a puppy for the family, we were actually looking at “older” AKA past the potty & biting training stage but then we started to think, if we get an older dog and he/she has habits we are not into then how do we teach an old dog, new tricks. One weekend in November, I was out doing some Christmas shopping when I came across a store called, Two Boston’s and guess what, they were having an adoption event. When I walked in, I spotted this adorable little Boston Terrier mix, picked her up and those little brown eyes took my heart away…:) I sent the picture to Bob and he said “once Keely gets up, let’s go back there to see her.” He’s a HUGE fan of Boston Terriers so I knew I had him. The great thing about this adoption event was it was through a rescue which I totally love.

Once we went back there, we filled out the application then hugged and kissed her some more. We thought she was the ONE!! When we got home we said, if we are accepted through the application, cool, we’ll get the puppy but if not, then we’ll wait. Well we got the call that they’d like us to have her come visit the home. She came one night to hang out with us and her foster mom for about 30 minutes and there was NOTHING. I am a firm believer that you know right away about something that will completely turn your life upside down. We played for a little bit but majority of the time she was with her foster mom. We just knew she wasn’t OUR dog.

So we kept looking and said again, if we don’t find one we like, no worries, it’s not meant to be. But one day looking on Petfinder, we came across a rescue called Grahamville Rescue and saw this adorable little Boston Terrier mix again but this time it was a little boy. I’ll leave you for now with this but will continue our story of how we found Mr. Hank Mardukis and how him and Keely (plus Bob and I) are doing. Have a great day!! Cheers! XOXO

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2 thoughts on “The Puppy, part 1

  1. awww, love the story so far! Can’t wait to hear more! I love ALL animals, but there is something about a dog that is special. If I could find another cat like Tigger I would scope him up in a heartbeat!

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