Happy Hump Day! Can you believe that a week from today is Christmas?!?! I am SO, SO ready for Christmas. I am just waiting on a few items to arrive which should be here by Friday but other than that and baking, I’m totally ready. But since it’s still a week away, let’s get to what’s happening today. I am joining Jen again for another addition of What I Ate Wednesday or should I say, Tuesday. Enjoy!!

Pre-Breakfast (not pictured) – recently about 30 minutes before I eat breakfast, I’ve been drinking hot water with cinnamon & honey. I got it off of Pinterest and it totally gets my stomach ready for food. I’ve noticed that since I’ve had Keely, my stomach can only handle certain things and this really helps me with digestion.

Breakfast – the USUALLY!! So good! But today, I had a cup of coffee instead of tea


Lunch – yogurt & fruit (I know, it’s horrible but I wasn’t really hungry and was planning a little mid-day snack anyways)


Mid-Day Snack – apple with sliced parmesan cheese, I’ve been loving it again. Went unpictured because I finished it in about .2 seconds…LOL!

Dinner – Chicken Parmesan with a salad and Jack Daniels & Diet Ginger Ale. You know what they say, Toozeday Boozeday?!?! More like a toddler that was having a “day” and momma needed a STIFF drink!!


Well that’s it for the eats for me but I hope you all enjoyed some yummy food! Have a great day! Cheers!! XOXO

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3 thoughts on “WIAW

  1. All your food pictures look delicious! Thanks for the tip drinking hot water with cinnamon and honey, I will try that. I think Ms. K needs to spend a day with Grams and Gramps on Saturday!! Maybe go see Santa again….:-) Grandma needs to tell Santa what she needs for Christmas (but I already have what I want….My cupcake girl)….:-)

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