MIMM…Holiday Craziness

MIMM…Holiday Craziness

Happy MIMM Everyone! Did you all have a good weekend. I know we had a great weekend over here with some holiday craziness but that’s to be expected with this time of the year. I still can’t believe that tomorrow is Christmas Eve…where has this year gone? I am planning an ALL DAY baking extravaganza with my munchkin!! I’ll make sure to document the festive fun for ya’ll. Well let’s get to some marvelous happenings…

Marvelous is…


Watching my little girl getting her first “haircut” on Grandma’s lap of course. Katie who does my hair was nice enough to cut Keely’s bangs and give her a little trim throughout but nothing too big. Keely was very good during the whole thing.

Marvelous is…


Zoo lights!! We went to the free zoo the other day to check out their lights. They were very good!!

Marvelous is..

IMG_2706 IMG_2704

Dinner and drink date with the B-O-B while Keely & Hank hung out with Gama & Gapa. It’s been a while and was nice to go out without the toddler. We were able to check out a new brewery by us and it was very nice.

Marvelous is…


Snow! We had about 7 inches of snow that recently melted due to warmer weather and rain so I was happy when I woke up yesterday to some snow. I always love waking up on Christmas morning to a “white Christmas”

Marvelous is…

IMG_2711 IMG_2712

Cousin time!! We spent some time with Aunt Stef, Uncle John and Evan…good times all around.

Marvelous is…

Best life lesson, learn it early!!

A great quote!!

I hope you all have an amazing Monday and don’t forget to check out more Marvelous Happenings throughout the blogger world. Cheers!! XOXO


One thought on “MIMM…Holiday Craziness

  1. Merry Christmas Eve Eve!! Wow where did this whole year go!! Loving all the pictures, and loved the fact that Gama got Ms. K to sit on my lap to get her first haircut. Cute picture of K and Evan together….:-)

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