MIMM – Christmas Recap

MIMM – Christmas Recap

Happy Monday & MIMM Peeps!! Did you all have a good weekend? My weekend was busy, busy but a good one. I didn’t write a post for Thursday & Friday and it was actually nice to take off a few days of writing and spend time with my sweets. We have a busy week ahead of us but that’s always good. We don’t have much planned for NYE since my birthday is Friday (the big 3-0) and Keely’s birthday parties (her birthday is the 6th) are this coming weekend. Yes, I said “parties”…baby girl is having two parties this year. I’ll get into more of the theme decision later this week. Let’s get to some Christmas marvelousness…

Marvelous is…


Christmas Eve baking, a puppy that won’t leave our sides & my “new” favorite beer! FYI: Puppy Chow is seriously my “crack”…so, so good!

Marvelous is…


Christmas Eve “Santa Prepping” and Christmas morning FUN!!

Marvelous is…


Watching my sweets open up their presents…nothing better!! Plus some “yearbook” pictures!!

Marvelous is…


Family!! Keely is now in love with our cousin Brandon (second row – left picture)!! Everyday we ask her if he’s her boyfriend and she says, yes…lol!!

Marvelous is…


Day after Christmas and playing with all of our new toys!!

Marvelous is…

IMG_2895 IMG_2887

My first blood drive & adoption event for the Pet Supply Outlet. It was a great success and I donated some blood as well.

Marvelous is…


A great friendship quote – looking forward to seeing my lovely friends this weekend!!

I hope you all have a marvelous week. Head over to Healthy Diva Eats for some more Marvelous In My Monday fun!! Cheers! XOXO


2 thoughts on “MIMM – Christmas Recap

  1. Happy Monday, and not many hours left in 2013! but looking forwrad to what 2014 has in store for all of us….being happy and healthy is number 1 of course! Love all the pictures, well that one picture of me…..hmmmm not too much but oh well, can’t help that I’m not very photogenic..haha! Alot of fun memories we made on Christmas, and just good to all be together! Looking forward to my two loves in my life birthdays….Hard to believe your going to be 30!! wow where did that time go! and Ms. Keely going to be 2 yrs old!! Seems like yesterday we were hanging out in the hospital room for all those hours waiting for K to arrive! What an exciting day that was! Love you both….:-)

  2. What a fabulous holiday w/ your family. It truly looks like y’all had the most wonderful time. Keely looks adorable in each photo. I love her jammies.

    Puppy chow is quite addicting – do you have a Gertrude Hawk where you live? If so, you need to get some of their reindoor food. It’s pure crack!!

    Happy early birthday to both of you ladies

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