13 Favorites of 2013

13 Favorites of 2013

Can you believe that today is the last day of 2013…WOW!! Where has the time gone. I was looking at my 12 of 2012 last night and it made me both happy and sad. Happy because we have done so much in 2013 but sad because the year went by so fast. It’s true when they say, time flies when you’re having fun. Plus my mom always tells me to enjoy every minute with Keely because I can’t get it back and it’s SO true!! Thursday, I am going to post a few goals for this year. Well let’s get some that unlucky lucky number 13…

1. Keely turning ONE! I couldn’t believe it and still can’ believe she will be TWO on the 6th…stop growing my little munchkin!!

2. Deciding to go part time so that I can be at home with Keely more and loving every moment of it.


3. Trip to Galena with the B-O-B.


4. Getting my first tattoo and so in love with it. Three stars in Keely’s, My Mom’s & Grandma’s birthstones.

I would love one more, just one more! 🙂


5. Enjoying my 2nd Mother’s Day with Miss Keely and Patty Poo (my mom).


6. Keely’s first BIG snowstorm, we had one when she was first born but wasn’t able to enjoy it.


7. Increasing my yoga and one goal for 2014 is to take one hot yoga a month with my Rachel!!

8. Celebrating the Blogs first year…I actually forgot about my blogversary but it was December 18th!

9. Many, many trips to the park with Miss Keely. I am excited for warmer weather and trips to the park with Keely and Hank.


10. A haircut…#shorthairwhocares!


11. Keely’s first trip to Indiana Beach with Mommy, Daddy, Gama & Gapa.


12. Going to the Zoo (all three: free, Lincoln Park & Brookfield)


13. Getting our newest addition, Mr. Hank


Favorite Quote for end of 2013 and fresh start for 2014

Dr Seuss = Genius

There were so many to choose from but these are my 13 favorites of the year!

What is one of our favorite memories from 2013?

 I wish you all a safe & fun New Year’s Eve & an amazing New Year!

Cheers to 2014!! XOXO

7 thoughts on “13 Favorites of 2013

  1. HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE!! Love all the pictures! Wow it does go fast, but when you look back on pictures, you realize even more how time fly’s! Can’t believe your blog has hit the 1 year mark, geez….slow down time..:-) Happy 1 yr anniversary of being part of the blogger world! You’ve done a great job, and look forward everyday to reading it. Love the quote, this says it all! I have so many wonderful memories of 2013, but the best was seeing Keely turn 1…..:-) Now looking forward to Keely turning 2 and making more memories in the year 2014! and now we have the Hankster added to the mix….:-) Here’s hoping 2014 brings everyone much Love, Happiness, and Health!

  2. Happy New Year! I LOVE that tattoo…I’ve been wanting to get an anchor on my foot like old seamen did (I just wanted to say seamen…my family had a lot of Navy men in it) but I’m afraid of how bad a foot tattoo might hurt!

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