New Year…New Goals

New Year…New Goals

I still can’t get over the fact that we are in 2014. I’ve been thinking about 2014 for many years as it’s a big “numbers” year for me turning 30, tomorrow. Ten years ago, I wasn’t even thinking of marriage, kids, etc but now I couldn’t imagine my life without all of them. It’s funny how your life changes in 10 years. Instead of looking back on my 2013 goals, I thought, why not start fresh, put 2013 behind and make 2014 an amazing year. Not that 2013 wasn’t it was but I’d like to make 2014 even better!! Here’s to making goals and making them happen!!

2014 Goal-Perseverance!!!


1. Eating More Clean: I am going to continue to add a lot more whole/clean food into my diet.

2. Continue to grow my yoga practice: I am planning to do yoga at least twice a week and started 2014 with 30 minutes of yoga.

3. Do one hot yoga & one barre class a month (with a friend, Rachel?!?!)

4. Limit the alcohol and dessert – 2 glasses of wine per week & 1 dessert per week (dessert meaning: 1 piece of chocolate)

5. Participate in a 7-day cleanse in February (January is crazy busy with parties so February will be the best month for it)

6. Continue to take care of my skin, nails and hair.

Family Goals

1. Continue to go to My Gym with Keely once a week .

2. Continue to work on being more patient.

3. Do monthly trips (even if it’s to a restaurant, zoo, etc)

4. Continue to put money away for Keely’s future

5. Do daily walks with Mr. Hank & Keely

6. Continue making MEMORIES!!

Personal Goals

1. Monthly Friend/Family dates – if I could see friends and family more than once a month that would be amazing!

2. Continue to grow as a blogger.

3. Continue to grow my meeting/even planning & marketing skills.

4. Cut back on technology: I need to really do this and it’s hard when you work at home (ex. work/family time).

5. Pay it forward: I love acts of kindness and am planning to give a little more.

6. Stay positive and keep the negativity/toxic behaviors/feelings out!!

What is one goal you are hoping to accomplish this year?

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