It’s Not Monday?!?!

It’s Not Monday?!?!

Hi Everyone!! Sorry for no MIMM post yesterday, as I mentioned on Friday, we had a super busy weekend and by the time Sunday night/Monday morning came around, I wasn’t in the mood to write up a post. I’ll do a quick recap to the weekend as it was a FUN one. Friday, I did hot yoga with Erica (we totally forgot to take pictures) and it was so much fun. I’ve done it one other time but it had to be about 3 years ago so I was a little nervous.

I do yoga now at home twice a week but hot yoga is A LOT different. I tried to do all the positions as I like a challenge and by Saturday morning, my body felt the challenge. On Saturday, it was grocery shopping and hanging with Keely & Hank till Bob and I left for my 30th Birthday Party at a bar. The party was lots of fun and I enjoyed spending time with some of my favorite sweets! I didn’t end up going to bed till almost 4:30AM and Keely was up by 7:00AM which is very early for her so Momma didn’t get a lot of sleep.


Sunday, once we were up and dressed, dropped Hanker off at the sitters then headed into the city to look at places. We narrowed it down to three places and actually put in an offer for one of them yesterday, here’s to hoping. If it doesn’t happen with the first one then we have two great ones to fall back on so that’s good. Anyways, that’s a “quick” recap of my weekend and now it’s time to go over my weekly workout plan…

Monday – 20 minutes of cardio & 30 minutes of weights

Tuesday – 45 minutes of cardio (plus getting a massage later today) 🙂

Wednesday – 20 minutes of cardio & 30 minutes of yoga

Thursday – 45 minutes of cardio

Friday – Hot yoga (an hour and a half)

Saturday – 30 minutes of lighter cardio

Sunday – rest day or light yoga/stretching

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday and see you tomorrow for some yummy eats!! Cheers!! XOXO

Your Turn: What’s one memorable event that happened this weekend to you?

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2 thoughts on “It’s Not Monday?!?!

  1. Love all your pictures from the party, your Momma needs a copy of all of them! The only thing is I wish the lighting was better in the room, but what a nice place, and the band was awesome, brought back alot of memories for Dad and I back in our day…..:-) Most memorable moment on the weekend, just seeing how happy and how much fun you had at your party! Can;t believe my baby is 30 years old!! Enjoy each moment with Keely, it DOES go by way too fast! HAPPY TUESDAY….:-)

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