Five Facts of Friday

Five Facts of Friday

YAY!! It’s Friday…how stoked are you for the weekend?!?! I thought Friday would never come this week, it’s been one crazy busy week and went by EXTREMELY fast. What are your plans for the weekend? Here are my five facts of Friday…

1. Hot Yoga at 8:30AM today with Miss Erica (AKA: Rachel) and we WILL be taking a pre and post picture…be prepared!!

2. After yoga, lunch and Keely’s nap, we’ll be making a visit to the Trader Joes. We haven’t been there in forever and went back last weekend and realize it has my HEART!! ❤

3. Saturday, I am working an adoption event for the pet supply company and can’t wait to play with some adorable dogs and cats. If you live in the Chicagoland area and are looking for a furry friend, email me and I’ll give you the information.

4. I am still in the need of camo jeggings, please HELP!!

5. I think I’ll be finishing off Saturday night with a nice glass of wine or two!

Have an awesome weekend!! Cheers! XOXO

Quote of the Day


Thanks for “pinning” this quote, Erica!!


3 thoughts on “Five Facts of Friday

  1. HAPPY FRIDAY! and have fun at your Hot Yoga class, can’t wait to see pictures! Wish this ole gal could join you, but I’m thinking I wouldnt make it out of there alive, or even get through 5 minutes of the class…haha! Have fun tomorrow at work with all those cute puppies and kitties!
    Love the quote, and so true! Kisses to KeeKee Dee and Hankeydoodle….:-) xo

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