Random Thoughts For Tuesday

Random Thoughts For Tuesday

* When will Chicago have Spring weather?

* Why is it that I wait all year for “winter” or “a snowy Christmas” but after January 1st, I feel like it should be about 50 degrees outside?!?!

* The time I actually want long hair, my hair takes FOREVER to grow

* Debating rather or not I should get some “peek-a-boo” highlights when I get my hair did on February 14th

* Is Mr. Hanker finally getting the whole going to the bathroom outside? Left him uncrated for an hour and a half and NO ACCIDENTS plus nothing destroyed!! Such a good little fella!!

* Why is it that every year I dread tax season even though we get money back…HMMM

* Why am I planning a “kid-free” trip to Old Navy on the coldest day this week? Crazy? I think not!!

* Blogging everyday?!?! YAY or NAY?!?! I just really like talking to ya’ll.

Well that’s my randomness for the day? Any random thought from you?

Quote of the Day

Cheesy Disney stuff that makes me smile :)

Dance parties are my LIFE!!


3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts For Tuesday

  1. Some of my Random Thoughts: I agree with you I love the snow (well if I dont have to drive in it), but yes I am ready for it to be at least 50 come January 1st!

    I think you should get the beeka boo highlights, at your next appointment

    Missing my Keely Girl, and need to see her soon!

    So proud of Mr. Hank that he is not even 4 months old already and doing good with the potty training

    I think you should blog everyday, your Mom looks forward to reading it..:-)

    Should I get highlights at my next hair appointment, or wait till closer to summer

    Need to get on an exercise routine especially for my cardiovascular system

    If you move into the city I think you should take a dance class at your old stomping ground..Columbia College..:-)

    I hope Keely has an interest in dance, look forward to all the dance recitals..:-)

    Cant wait to go to some White Sox games this summer..:-)

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