Welcome to another addition of What I Ate Wednesday. There is going to be a lot of recycled pictures in here and by a lot, I mean ALL of them. I have been in a little “funk” when it comes eating time and same totally stuck with the “same old, same old”. I promise though, next week is going to be A LOT better and I am actually going to go back to meal planning for the week and pulling out the cookbook…here we go!!

Peas and Crayons

Breakfast (lately) – Either Eggs or Oatmeal or Granola

IMG_3347 IMG_0678

Lunch (lately) – Salads/Snack Plates/Smoothies

IMG_3349 IMG_1056

Dinner (lately) – Pretty Delish!!

IMG_2177 IMG_2074

I’m still ending my night with a glass of Peppermint tea and haven’t been eating a lot of desserts which is good. Are you ever in a food funk?

Quote of the Day



5 thoughts on “WIAW…Lately

    1. Ha-ha, Jessie, you are too funny!! The left picture is a black bean burger – sweet & regular fries – detox salad from Whole Foods and right picture is stuffed chicken – greens – couscous – edamame

  1. HAPPY HUMP DAY! Well I would say all your meals look good to me, better then what I’m eating. I think this time of year everyone gets into a funk all away around, need for Spring to get here! Love the quote!!

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