Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone!! I am joining Heather again for another addition of Friday Favorites. I really like this link-up as I enjoy sharing some of my favorite things from the week. I have to warn you because it’s probably going to be filled with many Keely & Hank photos but who doesn’t love a cute toddler and pupper?!?! Anyways, let’s get right to the fun stuff!!

Friday Favorites Button Housewife Glamour

Favorite Little Fashionista – She picked out her outfit today

photo 1

Favorite Little Bathing Beauty – She’ll probably kill me one day for putting a picture in the tub on the blog but OH WELL!

photo 2

Favorite Little Guy – Still has his puppy habits but he’s a sweet little guy

photo 3

Favorite Hair Color – I will be getting this color when I go on the 14th!!


Favorite Quotes

Favorite Outfit – I need to get a camo shirt & white converse!! So comfy & cute!!

Well that’s it for me today but don’t forget to check out more favorites over at Housewife Glamour. Have a great weekend! Cheers! XOXO

5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. HAPPY FRIDAY! i love that picture of Keely, so cute, and Hankster too! Love the hair color, so does that mean you will be going lighter?? also loving the quote!!

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