Fitness Friday

Fitness Friday

Happy Friday Peeps!! Sorry I have only blogged a few times this week. Things are so crazy around here and when I actually sit down at the computer, I need to do work but hopefully once this move happens, I’ll be blogging everyday so just bear with me. Today, I am doing Fitness Friday as I’ve had a good week of working out and wanted to share it with you all. Here’s how my fitness schedule looked this week…

Monday. Intense Cardio. So good and you should try it!!

Fun treadmill workout

Tuesday. Shoulders.Triceps.Chest workout from Bobby.

Wednesday. Running/Walking Intervals. 35 minutes/3 miles.


Thursday. Legs with this workout that made them feel like jello. Plus 15 minutes of Turbo Fire.

Legs Like Jello Workout

Friday. Hot Yoga with Miss Erica. ❤

Saturday. Cardio (20 minutes) & Back & Bicep workout (TBD)

Sunday. Rest or light cardio

Your Turn: What was one of your favorite workouts this week? Have anything fun planned this weekend?

Quote for the Weekend



2 thoughts on “Fitness Friday

  1. HAPP FRIDAY!! Nothing planned for the weekend, but Bob just sent me a video of Keely trying to put her baby down for a nap, which just made my day and weekend!! Love My Keely Girl..:-)

  2. Dang girl – you kicked butt this week on the workout front. Good for you. I can’t think of the workout name right now, but Danica @ it’sprogression has some awesome upper body workouts worth checking out.

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