Happy MIMM & President’s Day!! What would we would without our Presidents?!?! Anyways, I so enjoy linking up to Katie @ Healthy Diva Eats and look forward to Mondays. Today, I wanted to have a little “hashtag” fun with my post. Well let’s get this #P-A-R-T-Y started!!

Marvelous is…

photo 1

#toddlervalentines #couldcarelessaboutcards

photo 3

#bestjoggingmusic #flyleaf #listentoitNOW

photo 2

#flowers #love

photo 4

#heartshapedpizza #yum

For all my friends who have read the vampire academy series

#friendmoviedate #thevampireacademy #vampiresrock

I hope you enjoyed my little #hashtag party…LOL!! I hope you all have a fabulous week and don’t forget to check out more MIMM fun! Cheers! XOXO



One thought on “MIMM

  1. HAPPY MONDAY! I love your hashtag party….:-) Ms. K looks adorable as always, your flowers are beautiful and the pizza looks yummy!! #cravingpizza Can’t wait for my girl to spend a few days with Gama and Gampa!! #minivacationwithourgirl….:-)

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