Social Media & The Comparison Trap

Social Media & The Comparison Trap

Happy Thirsty Thursday Folks…well, at least that’s what I am calling it today as I’d love a glass of wine right about now…I know, I know, it’s morning but it’s “happy hour” somewhere. So Ms. Gina @ Fitnessista wrote a great post on Tuesday regarding Pinterest and that got me thinking after I was skimming through my Facebook posts, why do people feel to “compare” or at least what a “pat on the back” via social media. I thought that after I got married and had Keely that the comparing would stop but I think it has gotten worse!

While I was pregnant, I made a promise to not post bump pictures on Facebook, it wasn’t really my thing. I didn’t want people to interrupt it as, “look at me, I am all belly and look great.”  Now, if I would’ve had my blog back then, then yes, I probably would’ve done monthly updates but some people go crazy on Facebook with belly pictures (bare ones on top of it). I hate coming across as judgmental and I don’t feel like I am but I think some need to watch how they come across on social media sites.

I would read & look at pictures of other pregnant ladies and never compared myself to them. I loved my pregnant body. I only gained 24 pounds which was perfect for my body & Keely. I never looked at the scale or got worried at the number as I knew the number was going up because of a baby growing in my belly. I actually miss being pregnant as I had a rather good experience, now labor, well that’s a different story…LOL

Now fast forward to Keely being born…WOW, holy comparing. Again, I promised myself I wasn’t going to brag about how Keely was sleeping through the night at 4 weeks or how pumping was going so well. Just not my thing. If family or friends were to ask me, I’d mention it but try not to brag at all. Did I post pictures of Keely on Facebook, yes, because I just love her so much and wanted to show family & friends that we don’t see often pictures of her.

I feel that when she got a little older is when the comparing got even worse. Again, I am just not one to post things or brag about things. I get that Moms are excited about little things their little ones do but when every day you are posting something, it makes me think, “do you want an award or something?” Everybody is different being child or adult and we all grow & learn differently. Just because it may be happening, working, etc for you doesn’t mean it works for everyone. Yes, I am so happy with how Keely is as a little person and I will post pictures of her but I understand that she is different from me, Bob and all of us. She is her own person and is learning everyday about things. When we hit a new milestone or she learns something new, I tell my mom and Bob and anyone that may ask.

I really hope I didn’t offend anyone with this post but it’s something that always needs addressing as social media can lead to miscommunication & trouble. We all care for each other and are happy when good things are happening but all I say is watch how you write it. You never know if someone else is being offended by it or comparing themselves to your experience as it will be different for them as again, everyone is different and that’s what makes the world a great place.

Your turn: have you fallen into the social media comparison trap? 

Quote of the Day

There is NO WIN in comparison. You run your own race and I'll run mine.   Then across each of our respective finish lines we will get a big celebration going!


2 thoughts on “Social Media & The Comparison Trap

  1. I LOVE that quote! I have a pretty bad habit of falling into the comparison trap. Like all the time. I’ve been working on curbing it, but it still happens on occasion. I try to recognize what I’m doing and redirect myself. I totally agree about all the bump to baby photos and updates on FB-I have a habit of blocking people once they get pregnant because as much as I love them…I don’t need to know EVERYTHING.

  2. First off love the post today, and so true!! Love the quote by Stephen Furtick, and boy is that so true of myself, and all of us. I guess it’s human nature, to think the grass is always greenier on the other side. Facebook can be good and bad, as you well know! It’s fun to keep in contact with out of town family and friends, or reconnect with friends you havnt seen in a long while, but it can also hurt people. I think in this day in age with all the technology out there, is sometimes not a good thing. Wish we could go back to the old fashioned way of living….pick up the phone and actually listen to the person on the other end, not through texting or fb.

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