Five On Friday

Five On Friday

Happy Friday! Today, I am linking up to Darci at The Good Life Blog with her Five On Friday and am super excited to try a new link-up.


1. We are a week out till we move and it’s official, I’m a little stressed with the packing. I think between packing & talking with cable & internet people, I need a big old glass of something stiff…lol

2. Keely’s had a little “winter vacation” with Gama & Gapa this week and my mom has taken some adorable pictures. They always have so much fun together and I know Keely just loves being with Grandma & Linus!!

1958528_10203477362160624_1179461641_n 1656049_10203477309079297_78846077_n

3. I have a much-needed hair appointment today but no highlights this time, I think I am going to wait till Spring.

4. I worked my first Expo for the Pet Supply Outlet, Wednesday night and was completely in my element. What isn’t there to love about tradeshows…NOTHING! 🙂

5. Keely and I have a My Gym date on Saturday and I can’t wait to cuddle and play all weekend with my little munchkin.

Quote of the Day

life. #quote #chelseahallgirl

Cheers to the weekend!! XOXO


3 thoughts on “Five On Friday

  1. HAPPY FRIDAY!! (although I read your blog yesterday, I’m responding on Saturday morning) 😉 Can’t get enough of these pictures, K and I had such a fun week! She sure does keep Gama hoppin, which is a good thing. Loving the quote!

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