Making the Most of March

Making the Most of March

Can you believe that it’s the first week of March?!?! I feel like I am having Déjà Vu as far as writing that it’s the first week in March and I probably am since I most likely wrote it last year…LOL! So Daylight Savings is this Sunday which means we are getting closer and closer to summer weather or at least wishing for summer like weather in the Midwest. I am going to dominate this month with challenges as I need to get closer to bikini ready 🙂 So here is what my challenges for the month will looks like in case anyone wants to join me!!

Exercise (along with a healthy diet) is the best natural way to achieve good health.

Back On Pointe - onefitmodel: heck freaking yeah. doing it. is a free yoga website.... Just sign up and get a video everyday on 10-20 min easy and simple yoga...... Check out their page on youtube!


Who’s with me??


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