Thoughts for Thursday

Thoughts for Thursday

It’s almost the weekend…can I get an AMEN!! I am actually pretty excited for the weekend and we have some fun things planned but before we begin the week, we must talk about “thoughts for Thursday”.

1. Will winter ever end?!?! Chicago has seen it’s fair share of cold & snow and I am so ready for at least a straight week of upper 40’s PLEASE!!

2. This wooden bead maze is the best toddler entertainment on the planet and why haven’t I invested in buying one yet?

The new playroom has it and Keely could’ve spend hours playing with this thing. I have a feeling the Easter Bunny might be getting it for Keely. 😉

3. Could Target get any cuter spring clothes…I think not!!

4. Very happy that I received the part-time party planner job from one of our favorite bars. Can’t wait for my first party next week & event next Saturday.

5. I could eat the whole thing of Chocolate straws…anyone else feel me on this one? “Pirouettes, Pepperidge Farm!”

6. Should I give up something for Lent or should I do something nice everyday? I feel that volunteering once a week would be good for both Keely and I. Thoughts?

7. I wish you all a great Thursday!! See you tomorrow for some Friday Favorites!!

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One thought on “Thoughts for Thursday

  1. HAPPY THURSDAY! I hope Keely gets on of those from the Easter Bunny, Grandma Loves tose too!! I think volunteering once a week would be very nice!

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