Thoughts For Thursday, part 2

Thoughts For Thursday, part 2

Happy Thursday Peeps!! Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past two days…things got a little busy and by the time I got home, I wasn’t in the mood to blog…my bad!! But I am back with another “Thoughts For Thursday” post for you and would love to hear some thoughts you all have on this fine Thursday.

1. Why is it that the older you get the more you see “fake” people. I was just telling my Mom how happy I am with my life, body, etc and don’t understand why people have to act fake and phony. Found this on Pinterest yesterday and was cracking up because it’s so true…

Wish things could be the way they used to be but who knows if that was even real...with each and every lie you tell and the deeper you live your life in this "fake" world you live in, the happier I am that you're not around, it was too hard to keep up with what real and what was fake!People - only if there's something in it for them - don't kid yourself - Something else to remember : the crowd that applauds your coronation, will be the same crowd that applauds your beheading...people love a good show. True story. (This goes for your Govt. too)

2. Am I the only one that doesn’t enjoy Corned Beef & Cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day?!?! I will though be enjoying some good beer that’s for sure…LOL

3. Can you believe it’s just over a month out from Easter…this year is already going by very quickly

4. I have been loving my homemade banana bread this week but I think I need a little spinach muffins in my life next week…:)

5. Keely loves doing puzzles but somehow I am always the one to finish them…I heart puzzles

photo 1 photo 2

6. Friends – aren’t they amazing. My life would be empty without them!! ❤

Friendship Print - Friendship Gift - Friend Quote 11x14 Print - Hand Lettered Print - Gift for Best Friend - Chalkboard Art - Chalk Art. $29.00, via Etsy.

7. Here’s to it being Thursday (one more day)…Cheers!

goal list, almost friday


One thought on “Thoughts For Thursday, part 2

  1. HAPPY THURSDAY! Hope your interview goes well tonight! Love the quotes! and last but not least Ms. K doing her puzzle….Grams misses my girl….:-) and since St. Patty’s is right around the corner, and you have that Irish blood in you, I vote you make Spinach Muffins!! Remember it’s not the quantity of friends you have…’s the quality!

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