To Clean or Not To Clean…

To Clean or Not To Clean…

Do you ever feel like no matter how clean your house is, it’s just not clean enough? When we lived in our old house, I cleaned once a week…I know that’s crazy but it worked for me. Now, I like to do a little each day as I feel if I wait till the end of the week (when I use to do it) it’s just a whole day of cleaning which is really never ever fun. Because I also work at home and use naptimes for work, I usually ask Keely if she can help me with cleaning or it’s doing the evening hours when the Dad is home and I don’t feel bad about it. To figure out a cleaning schedule that worked for me, I reached out to Pinterest, of course!!

Quick, easy keeping on schedule, Cleaning schedule. This looks better and more comprehensive than the first one I posted.

The only thing different with my schedule is that I do Laundry on Sundays as it’s something I’ve always done and will continue it.

Your turn: what’s your cleaning schedule like at your house?

Quote of the Day

I get more cleaning done in the ten minutes before someone comes over than I do in a week.  Xtreme Services Cleaning & Restoration in Shelby Township, MI can help you with all of your household and commercial needs!  Give us a call at (586) 477-9496 to schedule an appointment or visit our website for more information!



2 thoughts on “To Clean or Not To Clean…

  1. Happy Tuesday!! Wow I’m loving this cleaning schedule, I need to print this out…..and USE it! I think I cleaned more when you were growing up, (well I was a wee bit younger too), and also when I was working full time, I cleaned more! Now that I’m home, I find myself saying, oh it can wait till tomorrow!! I know I will be cleaning today since I will have guests staying with me tomorrow..:-) Thanks for posting this!!

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