Let’s Get Ripped!!

Let’s Get Ripped!!

Happy First Day of April or April Fools to YOU!! Did anyone play any bad tricks on you yet? Nothing over here which is good because last year, I got a bad one.

So with a new month, it’s once again, a new challenge. I’ve been wanting to bump up my cardio but also wanted some motivation in the weights area so who am I turning too for some help, Jillian Michaels. This month I am going to be doing cardio 6 times a week (in the morning) then Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 DVD 3 times a week (during naptime) plus two days of yoga (again during naptime). I am going to give myself a full rest day which I never really do but I think it will be good for me. On top of this workout plan for the month I am also going to limit sugar, carbs and alcohol.

just began jillian michaels ripped in 30 for the month of may. did the shred last year and this is soo much harder.

I know I need this as from the past two weeks, I’ve indulged a lot and last weekend felt like grease was leaving my pores…I know GROSS!! So this month I am totally focusing on being healthy & taking care of myself, body and mind. Here’s what my week will look like workout wise…

Monday – 45 minutes cardio & 30 minutes of Week 1 (Ripped in 30) – completed

Tuesday – 30 minutes cardio & 30 minutes of yoga

Wednesday – 45 minutes of cardio & 30 minutes of Week 1

Thursday – 30 minutes of cardio & 30 minutes of yoga

Friday – 40 minutes of cardio (HIIT)

Saturday – Off (I have a hair appt in the burbs so I’ll be staying at my parents with Keely on Friday night)

Sunday – 30 minutes of cardio & 30 minutes of Week 1

Credit wasn't  given here but I'm pretty sure Jillian Michaels said this on her "Ripped in 30" workout DVD.  I heard her say it like a hundred times.

Your Turn: What is one thing you’ll be doing to better yourself in April? I’ll also be spending less time on my phone & computer (during waking hours) and more time making memories with Keely.


One thought on “Let’s Get Ripped!!

  1. HAPPY TUESDAY! Love your blog today, but the best part is making more memories everyday with Keely!! Love the quote! Can’t wait to see you and Keely on Friday….:-)

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