Currently…Come On Spring!

Currently…Come On Spring!

It’s almost the weekend!!! Are you guys totally ready for the weekend? I know I am super stoked to get my hair done on Saturday then possibly see the Bestie who I haven’t seen in what feels like FOREVER!! You see this Bestie…It’s a MUST that we see each other this weekend. ❤ Anyways, since I haven’t done a “currently” in about two month, I figured why not do another one…so let’s get to it….

Reading: Just finished Divergent (need to buy the second one this weekend) and totally loved it! I think I might like it better than Hunger Games. So to keep me occupied till this weekend I am doing my “quick” read of Beautiful Bastard. I know, I know, but it’s so good and I love me some Bennett Ryan. I see they have three new “Beautiful” books out that I am going to purchase as well.

Doing: Writing this post and doing some work.

Thinking: So happy Keely is going to grow-up a “city girl”. I have to say, moving to the city has been the best decision I’ve made in a long time!!

Watching: White Sox game…Paulie!!

Feeling Thankful: About some new projects I might have in the near future!!

Loving: Ripped in 30 challenge so far.

Wanting: warmer weather & some new outfits!!

Your turn: pick one “currently” and tell me about it.

Quote of the Day

Print for Husband's Office Phish  "My Sweet One" for our traveling adventures


One thought on “Currently…Come On Spring!

  1. HAPPY WEDNESDAY! I I’m curretly havng a nice hot cup of coffee (wouldnt be able to start my day without it), reading my Daughter’s blog!! and going to clean the house today (well attempt anyway..:-) and the Book I’m reading now is Theresa Caputo’s “There’s More To Life Than This”, that “someone” gave me for Christmas..hehe! The second book that sounds like a “Must Read” is FREEFALL TO FLY By Rebekah Lyons, sounds really good! I think I told you about it! 🙂

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