Thursday Thoughts….

Thursday Thoughts….

Happy TGIT to you all!! Today, I thought why not do a little Thursday Thoughts!!  It’s been some time since my last one and let me tell you…I got some THOUGHTS!! 🙂

1. Why did it snow on April 15th? This has been the longest winter I have ever seen.

2. I can’t believe Easter is on Sunday…where is this year going?!?!

3. How old is too old to join in on the Easter Egg Hunt?!?! I love finding chocolate eggs!!

4. Serious thought: why do people feel the need to blame others for situations that THEY have caused themselves? Two words: GROW UP (or three words: grow some balls).

5. What’s better than friends?!?! Well, besides your children and parents…NOTHING!! I heart my friends (and Keely and my parents…Bobby too)

6. Why do 2 year molars suck so much?!?! Keely is cutting three at once and usually doesn’t get bothered by teeth but these are sucking the life out of her…luckily she’s still sleeping but rather cranky which isn’t her style.

7. Random thought: I think I as a cat in my past life. That’s it!! 🙂

8. Lastly, I hope you all have a great Thursday and see you tomorrow for Friday Favorites!

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One thought on “Thursday Thoughts….

  1. Happy THURSDAY!! I miss your What I Ate Wednesday blog, but I know your crazy busy up there on the North side! (again, just don’t become a Cub Fan….haha) First off, that quote….WOW! I’m gong to have to save that one! Well this is bad, but I’m glad it snowed on April 15th, your Mom couldn’t take enough pictures of what is probably the last snow (at least for now) but remember I don’t have to drive in the stuff, otherwise it would be a different story! Friends are the best (but you know I LOVE my “little” family more then anything, but if your lucky enough to have ONE truly BEST FRIEND, then you’re blessed! I hope my cupcake girl is feeling better soon! (Darn Molars)!!!!
    and last but not least… the words of your Grandmother “People that feel the need to blame other people rather then taking the responsibility for their own words, actions or circumstances are weak people!!” “You said it, you did it….Own it!” (that last part is my quote..:-)

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