Go Green…It’s Earth Day

Go Green…It’s Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!! Someone once told me, go out and hug a tree on Earth Day because it’s kinda like the tree’s birthday…so that’s what I’ll be doing today…hugging trees and “toning up”. To celebrate Earth Day, I wanted to give you 5 ways to stay “green” today…

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1. Unplug appliances when you’re not using them – I try to do this as much as possible.

2. Wash your clothes in cold water…this is a MUST for me.

3. Make your own cleaning supplies – Pinterest is great for this one.

4. If you live close to work, bike or walk to work….perks about living in the city…walking to EVERYTHING!

5. Take shorter showers to reduce water usage.


Now onto my workouts for the week…join me!!

Monday – Cardio (45 minutes) & Yoga (30 minutes)

Tuesday – Cardio (HIIT) & Week 4 Ripped in 30

Wednesday – Yoga (30 minutes) & Stretching

Thursday – Cardio (30 minutes) & Week 4 Ripped in 30

Friday – Cardio (45 minutes)

Saturday – Week 4 Ripped in 30

Sunday – Yoga

Your Monday Motivation to Build Up a Serious Sweat: If you put in the time at the gym, then your body and mind are going to reap the benefits! Remember this quote the next time you're tempted to skip a workout.


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