Wonders of Wednesday

Wonders of Wednesday

Before I begin my “fun” little post today, let me wish my AMAZING mom, Patty Ann, a VERY Happy Birthday. She is my best friend, biggest fan, supporter, wine buddy and the best Mom & Grandma two girls could ask for and Keely and I are so very lucky!! Happy Birthday Patty-Poo…can’t wait to celebrate on Friday!

IMG_0132Her birthday last year!!

mother quotes from daughter - Google Search

Now for my “fun” little post…

The what, where, when, why &  how of Wednesday

What I am doing: Typing this post…duh!!

Where I am: My office

When: Well, right now!

Why I am: Because I love writing on TSS (The Sweet Spot)

How: With my own two hands…I know, I’m talented!!

What’s your “what” today?

On a random note, you all need to listen to this version of Need You Know…it’s just vocals and piano…beautiful!


Quote of the Day


A repeat because it’s so good!! XOXO


2 thoughts on “Wonders of Wednesday

  1. HAPPY WEDNESDAY HUN! and THANK YOU for the wonderful post on here, and on Facebook! I am the Mother I am because of you….:-) I’m so thankful and blessed for you and Keely….oh and Dad and Bob….Linus and Hankeydoodle! Love you all my Precious Family….:-)

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