It’s Thursday Already…

It’s Thursday Already…

I can’t believe it’s Thursday and I am NOW just posting pictures from last weekend…WOW…

Friday started with a trip to Gaga’s to celebrate her birthday with some presents & donuts! I needed to do some running around while I was there then we headed home (Bob, myself & Hanker) for some dinner & drinks. Keely was starting with my parents all weekend. By the time we got home, we were both needing food very quickly so Hank went in the crate and back out the door we went to check out Andersonville. I am pretty much in love with Andersonville and their adorable “downtown” area.


Lady Gregory’s was the IT place for us and OMG, it was AMAZEBALLS!! I could really go for this meal again and looking at the picture makes my mouth water…haha! After dinner, we walked around since it was so nice outside then hopped back on the “el” for a short trip to our neighborhood “favorite” bar – The Pumping Company. We watched the Hawk’s game & had another round of drinks. Once the Hawks were winning, we headed home to go play Pool. I am happy to announce that I bet Bob 3 out of 4 games, that’s right, winner winner chicken dinner!!

Saturday, I took my time in the morning, worked out and spend some much-needed time with the Hanker. We left for Beer Bistro around noon to pick up my check and grab some lunch. We didn’t plan on being there long but got talking to my boss and it was down hill from there…lol!  After some “work” fun, we headed back home, changed quickly and headed to the White Sox game. I know we were totally crazy as it was about 36 degrees outside…SERIOUSLY!!


We made it about an inning then headed to the Bullpen bar where we met A LOT “new” friends. It was a blast and afterwards we all went to Cork & Kerry’s at the Park. All and all, the weekend was going good (besides missing my munchkin). We got home from the Saturday fun and spend the rest of the night with Hank since we was by myself for most of it. Little guy was a trooper and I allowed him to sleep in bed that night.

Sunday came with a VERY late wake-up call from the pupper needing to go out (so thankful) and breakfast. The rest of Sunday was spend just relaxing, working and doing some grocery shopping. Once 7pm came rolling around, both Bob and I were exhausted and I was so ready for some Keely loving. Monday morning came with an early workout then I headed out to go pick up my little girl. I am very thankful that my parents were excited to have Keely for the weekend because it was just what the doctor ordered for this momma.

Moms out there…ever feel guilty when you need a day or night away?

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One thought on “It’s Thursday Already…

  1. HAPPY THURSDAY! Especially on this cold dreary day, but I know I’m bad I for some reason, LOVE this weather, but you know your Mom….hate hot, humid, and buggy days (wasps, bees, etc.) I think I seriously could live in Portland or up in Seattle…now that’s my kind of weather. Anywho, Great Quote (where did you find that one? wink wink). Dad and I are so glad you two had a Great Weekend, and it sure is quiet around here without our Cupcake girl! Can’t wait to check out Andersonville soon….:-)

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