Facts of Friday

Facts of Friday

Happy Friday, Folks!! Has everyone had a good week? It’s been a busy one over here as Bob’s been working 10-12 hours days but Keely, myself and Hank have had a pretty great week plus Keely and I had breakfast with the Bestie yesterday and that was so much fun…we love the Bestie! ❤ Anyways, let’s get to the facts of Friday…

1. We will be making a visit to Trader Joe’s today and I am SO-SO EXCITED!!

2. Tomorrow we have my younger cousin’s communion…can’t believe he’s making his communion already…stop this growing thing!

3. Sunday is Bob-O’s birthday…THE BIG 3-0!  He’s depressed…ha-ha!

4. I am trying Palmer’s Shampoo & Conditioner this month as I haven’t had time to run to Ulta and so far, I like it!!

5. Because it’s a new month…what time is it…new challenge time…who’s with me?!?!

30 Day Ab Challenge- I'm on day 20! Restarting Dec 1st with the arm and squat challenge again- results results! Healthy diet! neila-rey-51-squat-pushup-challenge

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!! Cheers!! XOXO

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3 thoughts on “Facts of Friday

  1. HAPPY FRIDAY! WOW, you have a whole lot of exercise things posted on here today, but I know your up for the challenge!! Love the quote!!

  2. Man, our hubs are working the same hrs (Joshua works six 12 hr days a week. Girl, we need to talk about when Joshua and I fly into chicago at the end of September and have a 6 hr layover. I’d love to meet up!!

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