I <3 Weekends…MIMM

I <3 Weekends…MIMM

Happy Monday!! Did you all have a good weekend?!?! We had a very nice weekend over here with a super, super nice Sunday!! It was nice to relax a little bit this weekend. I started the new job on Thursday and was crazy busy with Skype as I am training remotely since it’s full-time from home. I’m an Account Manager for an event application company plus still doing some side work for the pet company and party planning for the bar here in Chicago. Busy, busy but that’s a good thing. I love that I am still able to be at home with Keely and still work because Momma and Toddler like to SHOP!! lol! Anyways, I am linking up today to Katie @ Healthy Diva Life for another addition to MIMM…enjoy!!

Marvelous is…

Seriously!! Keely and I did some Whole Foods shopping on Saturday and it was epic!! I am obsessed with that store!!

photo 2

Beautiful day at the Zoo!! Waiting for the fountain to be filled for the season!!

photo 1

My little monkey!! We just enrolled her in a 2-year-old preschool by our house, three days a week and the great thing about it is they still do naps which I was really worried about when looking at schools. She’s super excited about school and we will be buying her “first” bookbag this coming weekend.




3 thoughts on “I <3 Weekends…MIMM

  1. I never realized you did other work. I mean I thought you mentioned it before, but I must’ve forgotten. You sure are going to be one busy Mama! Congratulations on the new job.

    1. Thanks girl!! Yea, I do social media & marketing for a pet supply company as well as party planning for a nearby bar but both are very part-time. Gotta stay busy!! How’s things with you?

  2. HAPPY MONDAY! Sounds like you guys had a GREAT FUN WEEKEND!! Grams is missing her girl, and I cn’t believe she is going to be starting school…..growing up way too fast! Love all the pictures, and the quote!….:-)

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