Training Tuesday

Training Tuesday

Morning!! Can you believe that summer is literally about a month away?!?! Now is the time to get to that workout plan for the summer started. I am looking forward to Gina’s @ Fitnessista Summer Shape-Up to start again as I always enjoy them plus it keeps me motivated. I am taking advantage of my work training schedule this week and will be doing a little double time a few times this week. Here’s what my workout schedule looks like for the week….


Monday – Cardio 45 minutes/Yoga – 30 minutes

Tuesday – HIIT 15 minutes & total body – 45 minutes

Wednesday – Cardio 45 minutes/yoga – 30 minutes

Thursday – Total Body & Stretching – 45 minutes-1 hour

Friday – Cardio 30 minutes/yoga – 30 minutes

Saturday – Total body & HIIT – 45 minutes

Sunday – yoga

A little motivation for you…

For every excuse not to, there is a reason to do it anyway:

Fitness Motivation!  KEEP GOING!!


One thought on “Training Tuesday

  1. HAPPY TUESDAY….to my sweets down by the Lake front there! Hope all is going well with the new job. Happy to hear you have some time in your hectic schedule to do your workout! Hope you and Keely have a GREAT DAY!

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