Breaks…Rest Days…Is there a difference

Breaks…Rest Days…Is there a difference

Happy Thursday Peeps! Wait, did I just say, THURSDAY?!?! Wow, this week has gone by so quickly that I have a feeling there aren’t enough hours in the day anymore. Anyways, I said to myself on Sunday morning that I was going to give myself a rest from weights. My muscles have been feeling a little fatigued and I’ve been wanting to focus on just cardio with yoga or pilates for a week to see how I feel after that week without weights. I think it’s good to every so often give your body a little break. I try to do it a few times a year and let me tell you a week without a lot of working out actually makes me feel good when I get back into it.

While searching the web the other day, I found some great articles about taking a week off from working out. Here are a few to check out if you’re interested in taking a week off and not feeling guilty about it…

1. Ignite New Muscle Growth With A Week Off

2. How To Take A Week Off From Working Out

As far as my plan for the week with working out…I’ve worked out twice in four days and here is what I’ve done and what I am planning for the weekend…

Monday – Off

Tuesday – Cardio (45 minutes)

Wednesday – Off (I planned on doing HIIT & Yoga but wasn’t feeling very good so I passed on it)

Thursday – Cardio (30 minutes) & Pilates (30 minutes)

Friday – Yoga (45 minutes)

Saturday – Cardio (45 minutes) or Off

Sunday – Pilates and Festival walking!

Now with my cardio, I am not doing jogging, I am doing inclined walking that keeps my heart rate up but isn’t too much!

Do you ever give yourself a break?

Quote of the Day

Your life only gets better when you do.  Work on yourself and the rest will follow.


One thought on “Breaks…Rest Days…Is there a difference

  1. HAPPY FRIDAY! Miss my Little Cupcake Girl today! Can’t wait to get together on Saturday! Love the quote….:-)

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