I Challenge You…

I Challenge You…

Good Morning!! You know how I love me a good challenge well, today I am starting the 21 day yoga challenge and so far, it’s a good one. I am still doing my usual workout schedule: 3-4 days of cardio (45 minutes), 3 days of weight training then adding the specific yoga sequences for the day. If you want to join me, here is the link to the challenge. It’s great because they give you a weekly sequence schedule. Yoga Journal is def now bookmarked as I am rather interested in their 7 day detox as well. So will you be joining me on this challenge?!?!

21 Day Challenge

Quote of the Day

Love this.  #yoga #quotes #journey


3 thoughts on “I Challenge You…

  1. HAPPY TUESDAY! Yoga Challenge?? Hmmm might have to see about that one at this late stage of the game..:-) Is there Yoga Challenges for 55+ 🙂 Hope you and Keely have a good day, and that she has fun in school today….:-)

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