MIMM…Relaxation is a MUST!!

MIMM…Relaxation is a MUST!!

It’s Monday but it’s also a new week!! Did everyone have a good weekend? I know over here, it was nice and relaxing which we all totally needed. Now that I am working full-time and Keely is in school three days a week, the weekdays just fly by and by the weekend, we are all pretty exhausted. Anyways, just because it was nice and relaxing doesn’t mean we didn’t have tons of fun! I am joining Katie @ Healthy Diva Life for another MIMM edition…

Marvelous is…


Times may get hard but if you stop for a minute and look around…it is a Wonderful World!! ❤

photo 1

Chalking it out!!

photo 4

Watching the storm roll into the area.

photo 3 photo 2

Yummy food & drink

photo 3 (1)

Sunday baking with the best sidekick!

photo 1 (1)

Summer Shape-Up is in week 2 and it’s AWESOME!! Gina puts together a pretty fierce workout let me tell ya…

photo 2 (1)

LOVE!! ❤

Your turn: what is your favorite SUMMER meal? I’d say mine is anything on the grill.


4 thoughts on “MIMM…Relaxation is a MUST!!

  1. IT’S MONDAY ALREADY?? Anyway, looks like all of you “city” people had a good weekend..:-) Loving the pictures of Keely, and Love that song….that was one of Grandma’s favorites!! My favorite food would have to be anything on the grill!!

  2. We have a grill but no propane. I need to work on that ASAP. Corn, salmon, and I want to try to make pizza on the grill.

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