It’s JULY…WHAT?!?!

It’s JULY…WHAT?!?!

Hey Peeps! Sorry I have been a little MIA, it’s been crazy busy with work when by the time I pick up Keely from school, I don’t want to get back onto the computer to blog but I thought since I had a little time this morning, I’d stop by and say, HELLO. Since it’s now July 3rd, I wanted to share our little Monthly Bucket List for July in Chicago….

* Free Night at Navy Pier Children’s Museum on Thursdays

*Weekly Pizza Night at a different Pizza place

*SWIMMING and tons of it

*Taste of Lakeview

*Greek Fest in Edgewater

*Mommy & Tot Playdate on Saturday mornings

*Weekly Farmer Market trips

*Grilling (again, lots of it)

*Daily trip to the Dog beach with Hanker (I took him the other morning, we ran there, played then ran back – great exercise for him and I)

*Family FUN Days – my parents have come out by us a lot this we’ve moved into the City and we love having them! ❤

Your turn: Anything on your July Bucket List?

Quote of the Day

Happiness is powerful!


One thought on “It’s JULY…WHAT?!?!

  1. HAPPY THURSDAY! and HAPPY 4th OF JULY to everyone, since I’m not sure if you will be posting tomorrow! Looking forward to all the fests, and eventually living down there….Yay!!

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