Day In The Life With A 2.5 Year Old

Day In The Life With A 2.5 Year Old

Hey Peeps! It’s almost the weekend (again) and I am SO ready for a little night out. I seriously can’t believe how fast these weeks are going and soon, the summer will be over and my favorite season will begin!! Anyways, I wanted to give you a little “day in the life” post as it’s been a while and now I have a fun & silly 2.5 year old on my hands. I’ll give you want our day looks like on an “off” school day. We have been dealing with a toddler that’s giving me a little trouble going to sleep (wants me to sleep with her and our bedtime routine is now taking us about 30 minutes – I know CRAZY!) plus she’s been getting up before 7am which is early since two weeks ago she was sleeping from 7:45pm-7:45/8:00am…not sure if it’s a growth spurt or the fact that she’s in school three days a week. I don’t mind her getting up by 7am on weekdays as I am up by 5:30am to workout and get work done before Bob leaves for work. Anyways, if any Momma’s out there have suggestions, please send them my way. Let’s get this day started…

5:30am – Alarm goes off and it takes me about 2-3 minutes to actually get my booty outta bed and in my workout clothes

6:45am – Workout completed & ready for a shower

7:30am – Shower done & a few emails are sent out for work

photo 111

7:45am – Keely is up and we are ready for some breakfast (some days she won’t eat till closer to 8:30am-9:00am as that’s when they eat in school)

9:00am – Dressed and ready for the day

9:30-10:30am – Playtime at the beach or park (sometimes the zoo or museums)

11:00am-12:00pm – We play on the balcony, have some lunch and read some books (might take in an episode of Curious George or Cat in the Hat)


12:30pm (Mondays) – Momma’s gotta do a quick conference call (by quick I mean like 5 minutes) while Keely finishes lunch

1:00pm-3:00pm Naptime (for Keely)/Worktime (for Momma)

3:00pm-400pm Playtime and Walk with Hanker


4:00pm – I start to get dinner prepped and Keely plays in the living room

5:00pm – Eating dinner

5:30-5:45pm – I clean up dinner and the kitchen

6:00pm – Usually we try to take a walk to the park (with Hanker, again) or just play out

6:40ish – She is in the bathtub or shower

7:00pm – Chill time – she likes to watch either Peppa Pig or Caillou before bedtime and I am okay with it.


7:30pm – We go to her room for our nighttime routine (again, taking longer for the past two weeks)

7:50pm – I leave her room and hear her calling me a few but sadly ignore it. (breaks my heart)

8:10pm – Finally there is silence and it’s time for this to relax on the couch.

9:30pm-10:00pm – Bedtime for me

What’s your favorite time of the day? Mine has to be when Keely and I have a picnic lunch (everyday she isn’t in school).

Quote of the Day

Typography Print "She is your LITTLE GIRL" nursery art - children's room art -  Size 8x10 - ENGLISH

She is my EVERYTHING!!


One thought on “Day In The Life With A 2.5 Year Old

  1. HAPPY THURSDAY! First off, loving the quote, and so true! Actually that’s the first time I’ve seen that quote for a girl, it’s usually a Mother/Son one, or Dad/Daughter, love all the pics of Keely! Can’t wait to spend the weekend with my girl….:-) My favorite time of the day is the first thing in the morning, especially in the summer when the birds are chirping, and the cool summer breeze before the heat sets in for the day, and sipping on a hot cup of coffee….:-)

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