Five Fact Friday

Five Fact Friday

Happy Friday! Hope you guys are ready for the weekend…I know this girl is pretty darn excited…

1. Keely and I will be doing some grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s today. I’ve been meaning to get there but haven’t since we’ve moved to the city…can’t wait to check out my new TJs

2. I have a much-needed hair appointment tomorrow and planning to go DARK again…I’ll make sure to post a picture on Monday.

3. Keely is staying at my parents on Saturday night so we are planning a little date night out with some friends.

4. Sunday Funday will be with Keely, Grandma & Grandpa at Millennium Park and I can’t wait till Keely seems the BEAN!

5. Limiting coffee is going very well. Since I’ve started, I’ve only had two cups of coffee at it’s been after my green tea in the morning.

Quote of the Day

It's "Friday Baby"! So cute! Funny. Go crazy #quote

This is Keely with Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter!


One thought on “Five Fact Friday

  1. HAPPY FRIDAY! LOVE LOVE the picture of the little girl with Happy Friday, if she isn’t the cutest, and don’t we all feel that way on Friday!! Grams and Gramps cant wait to spend the weekend with our girl, and excited to all meet down by the Bean on Sunday. Let’s hope the weather cooperates!!

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