Hello, World!!

Hello, World!!

Happy It’s Almost Friday!! Sorry I have been a little MIA lately but it’s been busy, busy over here. I am leaving next week for a business trip so I’ve been trying to spend as much time with Keely as I can plus get work done as well. A little Keely update: she’s doing great at school. Last week, I watched her playing outside with her classmates before I stepped outside for her to see me and it was the cutest thing. She has a little boyfriend that chases her around and they play “cars” together as well. I hear from her teachers that she’s eating like a champ too so I am hoping that one of these days, she’ll do the same for me…LOL!

Work related, things are going good and I am looking forward to attending my first client expo. It’s a HUGE fitness/outdoor sports show that totally up my alley. I’m a sad that I won’t see Miss Keely for three days but I know she will be in good hands. I think her and Daddy (& Hank) will have a great time while I am gone. I am hoping that once I get back next week, I’ll get back to regular blog posts or at least blogging three times a week. I miss it but also have felt that I was having some “brain farts” when it came to blog topics. Anyways, since I’ve been gone here are some pictures to sum up what’s been happening…

photo 1

We’ve been having some playtime in the playroom on Mondays & Fridays (just Mommy & Keely)

photo 2

MY LIFE IN COMPLETE NOW!! Fall Seasonal Beer has ARRIVED!!

photo 3

Baby girl getting down with her bad self in Momma’s boots…WHY NOT!! Little Dancer!!

photo 1 (1)

Breakfast date with the toddler…I’ll take it!! Let’s not forget the fact that baby & kitty joined us as well.

photo 2 (3)

I forget how FUN bounce houses are and would like one in my living room…:)

photo 3 (2)

This will be my go-to outfit for the fall with booties. ❤

Quote of the Day

Weekly Affirmation: Learn From the Past | Disney Style

One thought on “Hello, World!!

  1. HAPPY THURSDAY! I’ve been missing your blogs, but know you are so busy with getting ready for your business trip, and wanting to spend as much time as possible with Keely. Grams will miss having my girl here, but know it will be good for a little Daddy/Daughter/Hankster bonding! Love all the pictures of Ms. K, and loving the quote!!

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