Friday Favorites…Oh Fall, Oh Fall!

Friday Favorites…Oh Fall, Oh Fall!

Happy Friday Peeps! Today I am linking up with the beautiful Heather over @ Housewife Glamour for an addition of Friday Favorites.

Favorite Weather


I love me some “fall-like” weather! The alert was a beach hazard as the wave were super strong.

Favorite Outfit

plaid shirt and camel cardigan

I think this will be my go-to outfit this fall

Favorite Sneaky Food

Bare Feet on the Dashboard - A Life of Freedom...

I’ll be making these this weekend for Keely and hope they are a HUGE hit!!

Favorite Hair

megan fox Long hair

Looking forward to my hair being this length again but I have AWHILE!!

Favorite Picture(s)

IMG_5992 IMG_6009











We had Keely’s 2.5 year pictures taken and seriously, every single one is adorable and I LOVE them all!!

Favorite Quote

I <3 Robin Williams... In sooo many ways he reminds me of my wonderful dad! He is my hero and so is Robin Williams :)

RIP Robin Williams. You have brought us so much laughter…make sure to make God laugh up there as well.


One thought on “Friday Favorites…Oh Fall, Oh Fall!

  1. Well Happy Saturday, as this is when I got to read you blog! Getting ready for a garage sale is no fun…..your Momma better make some Mola!!~ Loving all of Keely’s pictures, she’s adorable!! Love the outfit, the quote, and last but not least….RIP Robin Williams!! You of course along with the rest of your blogger friends, are too young to remember his first debute in Mork and Mindey….what a funny show that was! I just recently watched the episode of Friends that he was on with Billy Crystal!! He surely will be missed!

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