Why it is Monday?!?! I’ve had such a fun weekend that I didn’t want it to end but we must get the week started so we can do it all over again on Friday. This weekend was pretty much nonstop which I totally love. Per usually I am linking up to Katie @ Healthy Diva Life for an addition of MIMM. Was your weekend MARVELOUS?!?!

Marvelous is…

photo 1 (1)

Air and Water Show was going on this weekend in Chicago and starting Thursday they were practicing we got lots of flybys and so enjoyed it.

photo 1

Blowing bubbles and catching them…She loves her bubbles!!

photo 2 (1) photo 3

Nothing like jamming from one genre to another…We had the BEST dance party going on…

photo 4

“What does Bruce do to you when we go to get our car?” “PEEECCEE” (Peace) – Bruce is one of our favorite garage guys! ❤

photo 2 photo (1)

Loving the Mascots at Family Sundays at the White Sox game!! Keely LOVES Southpaw! ❤

photo (2)

Being GOOFY with Southpaw…Keely looks a little scared in this picture. LOL!

Astrology Compatibility - according to this I'm most compatible with my mom, and both my daughters! Cute!

I love it…so true!! (Hey, fellow Capricorns)


3 thoughts on “MIMM…FUN.FUN.FUN

  1. HAPPY MONDAY! Loving all the pictures! I know you guys had a GREAT time at the game. Wish Dad and I could of joined you…..next time for sure! Ms. K is ADORABLE….:-)

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