I Challenge YOU!!

I Challenge YOU!!

Morning! I am going to make this post brief as I’ve got some things to get done but this month, I have started a few challenges…

1. Smoothie-A-Day Challenge – I use to be really good at having a smoothie every morning but lately (well, it’s been a while), I’ve been slacking. The month of September, I’ve decided to do a Smoothie-A-Day challenge which to me means either a smoothie for breakfast or lunch. I forgot how much I love my green smoothies.

2. 100 miles by Halloween – I saw this actually on Instagram and decided to join the challenge. I feel that 100 miles by Halloween isn’t a lot but I think that’s why I like it. It’s making you get up and get your miles in but it isn’t making you feel bad if you are completely lazy one day. I also just found yesterday the 150 miles by Halloween so I might try for it as well. #100byhalloween #150byhalloween

3. Putting-My-Phone-Down Challenge – It’s my own challenge that I am “still” trying to work on as it was a goal of mine earlier this year. Since I work from home, sometimes it’s hard to actually “leave” work at a specific time. Keely is now home with me three days a week (Mon-Wed-Fri) so I’ve been working on putting my phone down throughout the day and spending as much time with her as possible. I am trying to not even answer text messages or phone calls if I don’t need too while she is awake. During the morning hours (when she’s still sleeping), naptime or bedtime, I’ll “play” on my phone but other than that just really trying to put it down. If you text or call me and I don’t answer, it’s just because I put my phone DOWN!! 🙂

Now that I shared my three challenges for the month, have you started a new challenge this month or looking to start one next month? SHARE!

Quote of the Day

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One thought on “I Challenge YOU!!

  1. Well HAPPY TUESDAY!! I’m loving all the challenges you have going on, I think your Mom better hop on them as well, especially the phone one!! Lately I’ve been on Instagram more than I should be….it’s addicting! I’ve been off of Facebook so that’s a good thing!! The 100 miles by Halloween sounds good and not too challenging for this old gal, maybe give that a try! I made an awesome smoothie yesterday, and added one of my favs Pumpkin puree…yum!! Loving the quote!!

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