Five Fact Friday

Five Fact Friday

Welcome to another Friday which means another WEEKEND!! I have to say this week has gone rather fast but also rather slow. Do you have any fun plans this weekend? We have some fun thing planned plus some beautiful weather as well. Let’s get right to the five facts of Friday!!

1. Keely and I are going out to my parents today as she is staying over at Gama & Papa’s tonight & tomorrow so I am going to spend the day with them, oh and Hanker too.

2. Bobby and I are going to do a little dinner date as it’s been awhile and much-needed after Bob’s crazy busy work schedule this week and last week.

3. Can we just say how much I LOVE pattern mixing…

Pattern mixing for fall/winter: stripes and flannel.

4. Sunday, my parents and Keely are taking the train out to the city and we are going to enjoy the day walking around. ❤ #makingmemories

5. Love this quote



Happy Friday! Cheers! XOXO


One thought on “Five Fact Friday

  1. HAPPY FRIDAY!! Gama, Papa and Linus are looking forward to spending the weekend with our K Girl! Can’t wait to see you girlies, and the Hankster today! Love the quote!

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