A Little Update

A Little Update

Happy November!! Can you believe it’s already November 3rd? Cray-Cray!! I am going to try my best to start regularly blogging again. I do miss it as I’ve enjoyed making virtual friends and keeping friends and family up-to-date. So what’s been going on?!?! Over here there’s been A LOT!! Let’s start…

WE’VE MOVED!! Yes, you heard right, the condo went up for sale and sold quickly so we found a beautiful 3 bedroom gray stone in our favorite neighborhood, Andersonville. We are literally right off the main street in Andersonville and LOVE being around all the stops, restaurants, parks, etc. Hanker now has a backyard again to run around in even though I’m guessing he’ll miss some of his puppy friends, there are tons of dogs on our street. We’ve kept pretty quiet about moving as we didn’t want to jinx it with this place because we’ll be here for possibly ever (unless I win the lottery and can live in a million place in Lincoln Park…LOL). Anyways, we are super excited and can’t wait to settle in and have lots of parties. Here’s a little preview of the place…VINTAGE!! ❤



6 years and still going strong…Bob and I celebrated our 6th year wedding anniversary at the AMAZING RPM Italian…I could eat there EVERY night…seriously. It was a blast. I’ve learned a lot in the 6 years of marriage and every couple goes through good times and bad times but lately Bob and I have just been in such a good place. I think we both final woke-up and realized what marriage and love is all about and that’s our family & friends. We are just trying to make the best life right now for our family and can’t wait to see where the next 6 years leads us too. ❤

Halloween Fun!! We went to Lincoln Park Zoo last Saturday for their Spooky Zoo. It was beautiful outside and so much fun (extremely crowded but fun). It’s always fun when Grandma & Grandpa join us as well.


Keely’s new bed!! Keely was recently surprised (like 3 days ago) with a new big-girl bed and let me tell you, she didn’t want to get out of it. Tonight will be the first night she actually sleeps in it so we’ll see how good she does…might be “playing” too much but she should do good. Another Keely update – she’s completely daytime potty trained. She still wears a diaper at nighttime but wakes up every morning with a dry diaper so I might start night training sooner than later. Hope I don’t jinx it…LOL


Well that’s it for me over here but like I said, I am going to try to get back into blogging…wish me luck!! Peace out!!


One thought on “A Little Update

  1. Well Happy Monday to you! This was a nice surpirse in my emails today, glad to see your back to writing. I know you’ve been so busy over there with moving, 2 jobs, and most of all taking care of that cute little Granddaughter of mine. Hope all goes well with the move today. Can’t wait to see the new place all done. Party on Saturday….:-) Love you all!!

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