Happy Monday! I’m a little late this morning with my post but hey at least I’m posting…LOL. This weekend was lots of fun and I am linking up to Katie @ Healthy Diva Life for an addition of MIMM which I haven’t done in forever…it will be short but fun. 🙂

MiMM MIMM #123 A Date Night + Cereal Crack


A little family time with Grandma & Grandpa on Saturday plus an amazing dinner at our favorite Italian Restaurant in Andersonville…


Keely and the Boys!!


I recently colored my hair – soft black and love the color and Miss Keely also got a haircut as well.

I have too many flaws to be perfect. But I have too many blessings to be ungrateful. #Quote I think too many people forget this...

Awesome quote to start a Monday…have an amazing week!! Cheers! xoxo

2 thoughts on “MIMM

  1. HAPPY MONDAY! Dad and I had such a fun times with all of you on Saturday, and amazed how fast our Keely girl is growing up. Loving your new neighborhood, sure brings back memories of growing up in Chicago. Love the quote, and yes we have so much to be Thankful for!

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