The Day We Found Out About Baby #2

The Day We Found Out About Baby #2

Yes, you read that right…I am having another baby…a little bit of a surprise but we are excited. So this post might be a little TMI but hey, it’s life….

So to rewind a little bit…After some complications with my IUD & the cyst, my doctor and I decided to remove the IUD, back in May as my body was really going through a rough time. She wanted me to have a solid three months without any types of birth control (besides condoms) because she thought I might’ve developed some things from the complication with the IUD. She also pretty much told me that it’d take a SUPER long time to even have a baby right now because my body is so OFF….(TMI time).

I was traveling the first week in August and when I got home, we had a little “slip” if you know what I mean…;) We didn’t think anything of it as again, I’ve had some problems which gave the doctor sure signs that I couldn’t become pregnant but than again, we should’ve been careful even though we were careful every other time. Well August went on and I did what I was always doing, eating well, working out and having an occasional adult beverage. In the beginning of September, I kept checking the calendar thinking ok, any day now. but the days just kept going on without a visit from a certain “someone”.

I noticed in the middle of September, I started getting flu-like symptoms and couldn’t understand why I was feeling SO tired all the time. One Saturday while Bob was working and Keely was at my parents (September 20th to be exact), I decided to pick up a digital pregnancy test from Target. While I was unloading my groceries, I took the test, continued to unload (waiting three minutes) then before taking Hank out, checked the test to see in bold letters – PREGNANT.

I was dumb-founded! I did a double take, looked at my dog and thought this can’t be right. I took him out then proceeded to take another test which of course came back with test error. Feeling unsure, I cleaned my house, ate pizza then picked up Bob from work around midnight. When he got into the car, I handed him the test and said, “Got something for you.” He looked at it and said, NO. Are you serious? Yes, sir, couldn’t be more serious. I ended up going to CVS on the way home to pick up another test because I really needed to make sure it’s true.

After taking five more tests saying pregnant with all of them, it finally sunk in that YES, I am pregnant. We weren’t planning to have another one right now but we are totally stocked about Keely becoming a big sister and very excited to welcome peanuts #2 into the family. We told her that Sunday night that she is going to be a big sister and she proceeded to get her baby doll and hold it and tell her that she loved her. I think she will be an amazing big sister and little helper.

I scheduled an appointment with my doctor for October 2nd to really get the confirmation. I know the second pregnancy is always different and let me tell I can already tell it’s going to be different…hello to all day sickness and needing to sleep ALL THE TIME! I’ll give you the rest of the deets in a few days so I can talk about food, fitness and etc. Have an awesome day. Cheers! XOXO

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My Keely Girl!! ❤

One thought on “The Day We Found Out About Baby #2

  1. HAPPY WEDNESDAY!! and that it is! Even though Dad and I already know, your story just MADE MY DAY! When you told Dad and I and the way you told us, well it was just perfect, just like when you told us about Keely! We are so thrilled to be Grandparents again, and Keely will be the BEST BIG SISTER ever! Gama and Papa can’t wait to meet our little Peanut #2 in May. Love you all….:-)

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