Some Pictures from 2014…

Some Pictures from 2014…


Mr. Hank joined our family in December (2013) just before Christmas & the New Year but it’s been a great year with him. ❤


We moved to the City and this girl became a little “beach babe”. Can’t wait for nicer weather again.


Miss Keely turned 2 years old with an awesome Minnie Mouse Birthday!!


Keely went to “preschool”/daycare three days a week while I worked but that lasted about 3-4 months and now I am working at home part-time with her. She’ll be joining Kiddie Winter Camp in a few weeks for 3 months (it’s three days a week for 2 hours) then in September, she’ll be in Preschool, 5 days a weeks for 3 hours. She’s growing up WAY too fast!!

photo 111

Enjoying our location in the City and all the great restaurants, shops, & parks near us.


Many, many trips to the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Lastly, we are so excited for 2015 with the newest addition to the family arriving in May…


Wishing you all an amazing New Year!! I’ll be writing up a resolution post tomorrow and looking forward to hearing some of your resolutions. Cheers!! xoxo

Christmas 2014 Recap

Christmas 2014 Recap

Happy Monday everyone!! Did you all have an amazing weekend and Christmas? I can’t believe that we are about 3 days away from 2015…where has this year gone?!?! Well I wanted to give you a little recap from our Christmas 2014.


Christmas Eve Mass at the beautiful St. Gertrude’s in Chicago. Keely got to go up to the Nativity scene and put some hay in there for Baby Jesus. They also had the parish children act out the scene which Keely told us that she’d like to be an angel next year.


Santa and his elves were very busy this year “making” Keely big dollhouse which has been played with no-stop since Christmas morning!


Another favorite from Christmas is Play Doh but who doesn’t love to play with Play Doh!! Hours of fun!!


Christmas Afternoon at my parents brought some extra news…it’s a BOY!! We are so happy to be adding a little man to our family in May. I can’t believe that next Christmas I’ll have an almost four-year old little girl and 7 month old baby boy!! Crazy but so-so exciting!!


It was such an amazing Christmas and looking forward to 2015!! Cheers!! xoxo

WIAW…It’s Back!!

WIAW…It’s Back!!

Happy Wednesday & Christmas Eve (if you celebrate)!! I can’t believe tomorrow is Christmas. It’s always so much fun watching Keely open presents and seeing her expression when she sees what Santa left her under the tree. Yesterday was our baking day but I got in some pretty decent eats throughout the day. It’s funny, in the beginning of pregnancy, I couldn’t eat anything then around 13 weeks, I wanted everything now 19 weeks and I’m back to the “not very hungry” stage but I am making sure I keep up with a lot of nutrients for the little one. Well again, let’s get to the food with lack of pictures…SORRY!!

What I Ate Wednesday Button

Breakfast – the usual – oatmeal & tea (No picture)

Pre-Workout Snack – Bagel & Cream Cheese (thanks Bob for picking one up for me!!)

Post-Workout/Lunch – Snack plate & smoothie (recycled picture)


Afternoon Snack – Trail Mix (recycled picture)

photo 3

Dinner – Chicken Panini with veggies (recycled picture)


Thanks again to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting another WIAW. Have an awesome day! XOXO

MIMM….To Someone Who Just Melts My Heart

MIMM….To Someone Who Just Melts My Heart

Happy Monday folks!! Did you all have a wonderful weekend? It was a good one over here. Today, I am linking up to Katie’s MIMM with a little dedication to my little bestie…MISS KEELY!! There isn’t a day that goes by that this almost “threenager” doesn’t teach me something new, make my laugh or brings tears to my eyes. She has taught me what it is like to be a parent and why being home with her is all I want right now. I’ve always been a career girl but once Keely came into the world that all changed. I am so happy I’ve been able to stay home with her.  I can’t wait to see her as a big sister, get involved in her school, watch her take on an activity that she loves and just simply watch her grow. Keely, I love you with all my heart and you have and will always be my little bestie!!


Five Facts of Friday

Five Facts of Friday

Happy Friday Folks!! Sorry I’ve been trying really hard to hop over here for a post or two but this week has been rather busy because a lot of people at work are out of the office so I’ve been on doing a lot projects. Anyways, we have some exciting things in store for the weekend…

1. Well, today is FRIDAY which is always GrEaT!!

2. We are having some friends over for a little game night…cannot wait!!

3. Christmas is in 13 days…WHAT!!

4. I am all done wrapping which feels great and now I can just enjoy Christmastime.

5. It’s suppose to be in the 50’s this weekend…is it bad that I’m really hoping for a white Christmas? Nothing like waking up on Christmas morning to snow on the ground.

Now, I’ll leave you with some pictures from the past two weeks…ENJOY!!


$2 Tacos at The Beer Bistro – Fish, Fried Shrimp & Pulled Pork (HOLY YUM!!)


Swedish American Museum – such a cool neighborhood museum and Keely was having a blast!

20141203_164152 2014-11-30_07.33.12

Mini Gingerbread house making! And that SMILE!! Melts my heart – my baby is growing up way TOO fast.

It's the most wonderful time of the year / Lauren Conrad

Tone-It Up Tuesday – While Pregnant

Tone-It Up Tuesday – While Pregnant

Hey Folks!! Well this household has been hit with the cold & cough bug that’s been going around. Since Sunday, there has been lots of PJ wearing, couch snuggling, movie watching and drinking tons of fluids. We are over 2 days in with medicine so hoping to kick this crazy bug before the weekend as we have some things planned in our neighborhood.

Anyways, I left off my announcement post with giving you the deets about my eating and working out…well let’s start with the working out or lack there of working out. I was doing so good with working out this summer, I went to the fitness center, ran outside with Hank and was really enjoying my yoga. Then come August I noticed I was just lacking motivation then once I found out I was pregnant, well there went the motivation for sure. With Keely, I was so “to-the-books”. I ate well, worked out just about everyday and listened to everything I heard and read.

This time around, my body just really needed a break and lots of sleep. I tried to at least walk on the treadmill 3 times a week and do some yoga at least 2 times a week but a lot of time it was walking for 20 minutes till my “sickness” got to me where all I needed was either the bathroom or bed (TMI??). Now well into my second trimester, my energy is back up but I must workout in the morning because this Momma totally takes advantage of naptime for herself…LOL. Here are some awesome workouts I’ve been doing while pregnant this time around…

Second Trimester Workout Plan – Women’s Health

FittaMamma supportive maternity yoga and postnatal yoga clothes #pregnancy #yoga

I did this DVD with Keely and really enjoyed it. This is perfect for those “off” kind of days.

Did your workout routine change once you found out you were pregnant?