Tone-It Up Tuesday – While Pregnant

Tone-It Up Tuesday – While Pregnant

Hey Folks!! Well this household has been hit with the cold & cough bug that’s been going around. Since Sunday, there has been lots of PJ wearing, couch snuggling, movie watching and drinking tons of fluids. We are over 2 days in with medicine so hoping to kick this crazy bug before the weekend as we have some things planned in our neighborhood.

Anyways, I left off my announcement post with giving you the deets about my eating and working out…well let’s start with the working out or lack there of working out. I was doing so good with working out this summer, I went to the fitness center, ran outside with Hank and was really enjoying my yoga. Then come August I noticed I was just lacking motivation then once I found out I was pregnant, well there went the motivation for sure. With Keely, I was so “to-the-books”. I ate well, worked out just about everyday and listened to everything I heard and read.

This time around, my body just really needed a break and lots of sleep. I tried to at least walk on the treadmill 3 times a week and do some yoga at least 2 times a week but a lot of time it was walking for 20 minutes till my “sickness” got to me where all I needed was either the bathroom or bed (TMI??). Now well into my second trimester, my energy is back up but I must workout in the morning because this Momma totally takes advantage of naptime for herself…LOL. Here are some awesome workouts I’ve been doing while pregnant this time around…

Second Trimester Workout Plan – Women’s Health

FittaMamma supportive maternity yoga and postnatal yoga clothes #pregnancy #yoga

I did this DVD with Keely and really enjoyed it. This is perfect for those “off” kind of days.

Did your workout routine change once you found out you were pregnant?


One thought on “Tone-It Up Tuesday – While Pregnant

  1. HAPPY TUESDAY! I think you look great, and how fun for you and Keely to do some exercising together. She is good at that yoga….:-) Have fun, and enjoy each and every moment with K. Remember, like I told you, this time around, your 3 years older, and have a little one running around, but so much fun! Enjoy!

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