WIAW…It’s Back!!

WIAW…It’s Back!!

Happy Wednesday & Christmas Eve (if you celebrate)!! I can’t believe tomorrow is Christmas. It’s always so much fun watching Keely open presents and seeing her expression when she sees what Santa left her under the tree. Yesterday was our baking day but I got in some pretty decent eats throughout the day. It’s funny, in the beginning of pregnancy, I couldn’t eat anything then around 13 weeks, I wanted everything now 19 weeks and I’m back to the “not very hungry” stage but I am making sure I keep up with a lot of nutrients for the little one. Well again, let’s get to the food with lack of pictures…SORRY!!

What I Ate Wednesday Button

Breakfast – the usual – oatmeal & tea (No picture)

Pre-Workout Snack – Bagel & Cream Cheese (thanks Bob for picking one up for me!!)

Post-Workout/Lunch – Snack plate & smoothie (recycled picture)


Afternoon Snack – Trail Mix (recycled picture)

photo 3

Dinner – Chicken Panini with veggies (recycled picture)


Thanks again to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting another WIAW. Have an awesome day! XOXO


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