Christmas 2014 Recap

Christmas 2014 Recap

Happy Monday everyone!! Did you all have an amazing weekend and Christmas? I can’t believe that we are about 3 days away from 2015…where has this year gone?!?! Well I wanted to give you a little recap from our Christmas 2014.


Christmas Eve Mass at the beautiful St. Gertrude’s in Chicago. Keely got to go up to the Nativity scene and put some hay in there for Baby Jesus. They also had the parish children act out the scene which Keely told us that she’d like to be an angel next year.


Santa and his elves were very busy this year “making” Keely big dollhouse which has been played with no-stop since Christmas morning!


Another favorite from Christmas is Play Doh but who doesn’t love to play with Play Doh!! Hours of fun!!


Christmas Afternoon at my parents brought some extra news…it’s a BOY!! We are so happy to be adding a little man to our family in May. I can’t believe that next Christmas I’ll have an almost four-year old little girl and 7 month old baby boy!! Crazy but so-so exciting!!


It was such an amazing Christmas and looking forward to 2015!! Cheers!! xoxo


One thought on “Christmas 2014 Recap

  1. HAPPY MONDAY! First off, thanks for taking Dad and I out to dinner last night, the food was so delish! and what a nice group of people you work with, not to mention your boss! What a fun relaxed Christmas we had! Dad and I are so happy for you, and little boy to add to our family! Keely will be THE BEST BIG SISTER! xo

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