Some Pictures from 2014…

Some Pictures from 2014…


Mr. Hank joined our family in December (2013) just before Christmas & the New Year but it’s been a great year with him. ❤


We moved to the City and this girl became a little “beach babe”. Can’t wait for nicer weather again.


Miss Keely turned 2 years old with an awesome Minnie Mouse Birthday!!


Keely went to “preschool”/daycare three days a week while I worked but that lasted about 3-4 months and now I am working at home part-time with her. She’ll be joining Kiddie Winter Camp in a few weeks for 3 months (it’s three days a week for 2 hours) then in September, she’ll be in Preschool, 5 days a weeks for 3 hours. She’s growing up WAY too fast!!

photo 111

Enjoying our location in the City and all the great restaurants, shops, & parks near us.


Many, many trips to the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Lastly, we are so excited for 2015 with the newest addition to the family arriving in May…


Wishing you all an amazing New Year!! I’ll be writing up a resolution post tomorrow and looking forward to hearing some of your resolutions. Cheers!! xoxo


One thought on “Some Pictures from 2014…

  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE! I Love all the pictures, and it reminds me of how fast Keely is growing up, and soon will be a Big Sister! Hope you guys have a fun filled night planned. Looking forward to 2015, and meeting our little guy! Love you all!….:-)

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