MIMM…It’s My Birthday!!

MIMM…It’s My Birthday!!

Happy Monday!! Hope you all had an amazing weekend. Mine wasn’t too bad since it was my birthday weekend. I woke up Saturday a little sad thinking, “I’m officially in my 30’s.” since I turned 31 on Saturday but then Saturday activities happened and so far 31 isn’t too bad. I am happy to announce that Chicago is finally seeing snow and there is supposed to be a lot this week…a little late for Santa but we’ve been enjoying it. Like always, I am linking up to the ever so amazing Katie @ Healthy Diva Life for another MIMM addition. Enjoy!!

Marvelous Is…


Seeing Newsies for my birthday with Bobby. It was pretty amazing with lots of DANCING!!


Making a wish with my favorite person!! Yes, I turned “2” again…LOL!

20150104_120757 20150104_125027

First egg scramble in about five months…yes, Baby Boy didn’t want me eating eggs until just now plus some hot chocolate on a snowy day.

A most beautiful soul...I've been following his teachings & reading his books for years.  A peace activist and buddhist teacher to so many.  He is not well at present...it will be a sad day when he is no longer here with us.

An amazing quote to start your week…cheer!! xoxo


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