My Little Threenager

My Little Threenager

Happy Hump Day!! Are you all having a good week so far? Hope those of you in the Northeast are safe & sound. I am a little late with Keely’s Three Year Old update but now is the time for it…

Three Favorite Books: My Little Pony (dollar section at Target), Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Go Train Go.

Three Favorite Toys: Dollhouse (Christmas gift), Thomas the Train tracks & Puzzles

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Three Favorite Places: Forever Yogurt (Froyo lover), The beach & My Gym


Three Funny Quirks: OCD (family has it so she would as well), she’s obsessed with letting everyone know she went poop and feeding Hanker till be explodes.

Three of my favorite things: Her hugs & kisses, when I say, “Thank you” to her, she then says, “Love you too” – seriously adorable, and when she tells us stories and gets super excited about them.

She is really teaching me now what it’s like to have a three-year old and I see now why they call it, “THREENAGER”. She is little Miss Independent and growing everyday. I still get cuddles and snuggles so I’m okay with her growing up plus I cannot wait to see her as a big sister because she’s just too cute with her dolls and stuffed animals.

I love you baby girl! You make my life complete. XOXO


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One thought on “My Little Threenager

  1. HAPPY HUMP DAY loving all the pictures of ms. k she will be the best big sister. cant wait to hear all about your trip to the museum. xo

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